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22 Unbelievable (and Crazy) Movie Transformations (PHOTOS)

Actors will do anything for their craft — and, let’s be real, that sweet, multi-million dollar paycheck. From packing on the pounds to shedding a dangerous amount of weight to getting a nipple piercing, the following A-listers have undergone crazy transformations in preparation for a role. Whether these stars won Oscars for their efforts or just made box-office flops, these transformations are remarkable.

And for those of you who are planning on slimming down in 2014, don’t try Matthew McConaughey or Christian Bale’s extreme diet tactics at home! While their shape-shifting is impressive, some of these border on unhealthy, no matter which way the numbers on the scale are going.

You might've thought Jared Leto's transformation for Dallas Buyers Club was crazy, but have you seen him in Chapter 27? Click through the gallery to see, and for and other dramatic, on-the-job transformations from these stars of the screen.