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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Lil Scrappy Says His Daughter’s Birthday Party Was Ruined By Racist Salon Owners

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars Erica Dixon and Lil Scrappy's daughter, Emani, was given a sad awakening this past Sunday when, according to TMZ, the rapper’s daughter and her party were denied service for a pre-planned party at a salon for being black.

Scrappy told TMZ reporters that he placed a down payment for a birthday party at a little girls’ salon outside of Atlanta for Emani (who turns 9 on March 31, 2014) on Sunday, March 30. However, when Scrappy and Erica arrived 20 minutes late to the 2 ½-hour appointment, they were not allowed in. So, what happened?

When Scrappy addressed the issue with the owner of the salon, noting that he had already paid for the party, he said the owners told him that they didn’t want to serve “you people.”

Eventually Scrappy called the police as he wanted a refund for his down payment, which he paid well in advance to the party — and he was not leaving the premises without out. The officers were able to get Scrappy only half of the money and Scrappy left when the salon promised to mail him the rest.

We’re sorry to hear that Emani’s birthday party was ruined, and we can only hope that the birthday girl was able to salvage the rest of her birthday and celebrate it among loving family members and friends.

Source: TMZ