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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Reunion Part 3 Recap — Brandi and Lisa in Tears!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4’s reunion comes to a close with a few apologies and plenty of blowout fights. In our recap of the Reunion Part 3, Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump try their best to work out their issues, as do Lisa and Brandi Glanville. But do any of them have any luck with that? Hmmm...

To Befriend Scheana or Not to Befriend Scheana

The episode begins with Brandi reiterating that Lisa knew all along that Scheana Marie slept with Eddie. Brandi also says she and Lisa used to have hour-long phone conversations where they would discuss strategy. But Brandi says Lisa pulled away because she felt Brandi was losing her audience.

Kyle then pipes in and says that Lisa also has lost interest in being Kyle’s friend when the audience isn’t supporting Kyle. Kyle is hurt that Lisa still resents a comment she made three years ago to Taylor Armstrong. The ladies say that Lisa only befriended Carlton Gebbia after the Puerto Rico trip because she didn’t have any other friends.

Kyle says she was hurt by Lisa bringing up the rumors about Mauricio while Portia was in the room, and so Lisa apologizes for that. But Lisa says that Kyle hurt Lisa equally by discussing her supposed sex tape. And then Kyle and Carlton hurl insults at each other because that’s their favorite pastime.

Credit: Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc.    

We’re Pretty Sure the Bravo Studios Need to Be Cleansed of Tonight’s Bad Vibes

Lisa apologizes to Brandi, saying she should have at least informed Brandi that Scheana would be at her party. Brandi says Lisa shouldn’t hang out with Scheana anymore, and Lisa says that’s impossible because of Vanderpump Rules, so Andy Cohen suggests that Lisa start to treat Scheana like Kristen Doute. Talk about giving Scheana cruel and unusual punishment. And Brandi says she regrets how she treated Lisa on the beach in Puerto Rico.

Then, the husbands join the party. Michael Ohoven says that Carlton gives her religion a bad name. He also admits that he had his home cleansed out of fear of what Carlton might do. Mauricio says he appreciates Ken defending him against the rumors earlier in the season, but he still doesn’t like the joke that Lisa made in front of Portia.

Ken apologizes to Yolanda for calling her to “stupid” and to Kim for asking if she was drinking. But he still doesn’t appreciate that Yolanda was involving herself in his conversation with Mauricio during the Season 4 finale. And Ken says he could never forgive Brandi for what she’s said about his family, but when he sees her start crying, he takes it back. Off-camera, he gives her a hug, and Brandi says it made her night.

Credit: Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Our Overall Thoughts

So here we are: Season 4 is officially behind us. And while this might not have been the wildest RHoBH reunion we’ve ever witnessed, it might actually be the most memorable. There is real pain in Lisa and Brandi’s eyes, as both ladies appear to want to move forward but don’t seem to know how.

The joy of this show is that we’re always surprised by which ladies are able to patch things up — case in point: Kim and Brandi, who currently have the tightest friendship on the show — so we’re hoping Lisa and Brandi can let their issues cool down and will someday talk things over civilly. We just have a hard time seeing that happen anytime soon.

The one pair that will never reconcile is Carlton and Kyle. They just hate each other, plain and simple. But we do have faith that Lisa and Kyle can keep improving on their friendship, as can Lisa and Yolanda. Meanwhile, is anyone still friends with Joyce? She didn’t have much to do in this reunion, so it will be interesting to see if she’s still a part of Season 5.

And so, the wait begins for Season 5 rumors...

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