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American Idol

Former American Idol Finalist Burnell Taylor Bashes the Show

As much as we might love this season of American Idol and its contestants, not everybody shares the same opinion. Example: Season 12 Top 7 finalist Burnell Taylor, who took to Twitter to speak out against this season so far and why it’s not the best ever.

And although Burnell later deleted his tweet, pretty much everything on the internet is permanent as soon as you hit enter, and the folks over at American Idol Net managed to capture a screenshot of the tweet before it was taken down.

“And this is what you call the best season?” Burnell tweeted on March 28 alongside a video of last week’s Top 9’s group medley that took place during Wednesday’s live performance show. “Disrespectful,” he added.

Fans didn’t hesitate to call Burnell out for being a little arrogant — after all, losing a competition and then being upset about how it’s run the next time around isn’t what you might call gracious behavior. And despite the fact that Burnell took the tweet down, he still stood by what he said.

“Remember, me voicing my opinion doesn’t mean I’m cocky,” Burnell said.

Credit: American Idol Net    

While our contestants do still have a lot of work to do, it doesn’t hurt to remember that these people went from having little to no professional training to competing in front of a live audience (and the rest of America) in a matter of weeks. These guys are doing the best they can, and we can already sense more than one breakout star in our midst. Jena Irene, anyone? What about Caleb Johnson?

So what do you think: Is Burnell right, or is Season 13 your favorite yet? Weigh in below!

Source: American Idol Net