Jenelle Evans Doesn’t Look Like This Anymore — See Her Growing Baby Bump (PHOTO)
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Instagram    
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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Doesn’t Look Like This Anymore — See Her Growing Baby Bump (PHOTO)

Welcome to Bump Watch 2014, a wonderful time wherein we obsess over Jenelle Evans's baby bump. This Teen Mom 2 star is currently pregnant with her second son (tentatively named Kaiser Griffith) and we can't wait for him to make his grand debut from Jenelle's lady parts. The miracle of life, guys!

Jenelle's been dealing with her second pregnancy like a champ, and aside from some minor morning sickness and an iffy intestinal blockage, girlfriend's doing well. She and the baby are healthy and happy, and — oh yeah — completely huge.

Jenelle was told by her OB/GYN that Lil' Kaiser is already big for his age, and her protruding baby bump is proof that this kiddo is enormous. Just look at this recent Instagram selfie of Jenelle posing at what appears to be a Sunglasses Hut. Her belly is gigantic!

Looks like Jenelle has entered the delightful waddling phase of pregnancy, and she can't believe how big she is. "Starting to feel huge walking around," she captioned the photo.

This infamous reality star and frequent jail bird might feel huge, but her baby bump is completely adorable and she's managed to stay elegant throughout her pregnancy. Considering that many women live in sweatpants for the entire experience, we're impressed!

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