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The Walking Dead

Walking Dead Deaths So Far: Hershel, The Governor, Lori, and More (PHOTOS)

Many characters — some beloved, some not — have paid the ultimate price on ;The Walking Dead. Season 4 seems to be one of the bloodiest seasons yet, and we're guessing that its epic second half is only going to see more carnage.

The AMC drama’s frequent and uber-bloody deathsare always shocking, often heartbreaking, and occasionally redemptive. They also typically come in double-doses, as both human and walker versions have to bite it, although that's a little less frequent since deathbed head-stabs became standard practice.

Everyone's favorite evil buttface The Governor ;(David Morrissey) was killed off in a solid group effort, but not before he decapitated one of our most-beloved characters in the Season 4 mid-season finale ;— which was indicative of much of the season. We lost a lot more bad people than good, it seems. But it doesn't make the deaths of Hershel Greene, Mika Samuels, and (depending on how you look at it) Lizzie Samuels any less tear-jerky.

The Gov.'s not the first to go to that great screamer pit in the sky, and he certainly won’t be the last. ;Join us in pouring one out (preferably bourbon, neat) in honor of The Walking Dead’s fallen men, women, and children. RIP, Lori's motherly comfort, Hershel's sagelike wisdom, and The Governor's zombiequarium. We might miss you.

WARNING: Gruesome images ahead!