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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: Chandra Wilson’s Full Version of Episode 17 Coming on Season 10 DVD

As amazing as last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy was — that'd be Season 10, Episode 17: “Do You Know” — could you imagine it getting any better? It might… after we see a new version on the Season 10 DVD.

In last week’s episode, we got peek into Cristina’s (Sandra Oh) future with or without Owen (Kevin McKidd) and got to see our favorite cardio surgeon muddle through several different situations we never thought we’d get to see her tackle. You know, like motherhood, which is so uncharacteristically Cristina that it made us uncomfortable. And even worse: Dog ownership. Cristina is just not a pet person.

An extended cut of episode, directed by our very own Chandra Wilson (Miranda Bailey), will be offered up as a DVD extra, offering up all kinds of stuff we haven’t seen before — all depending on what Chandra wishes we could’ve seen on TV, had time allowed.

“Please watch Chandra’s full cut of the episode on the upcoming 10th season DVD,” Sandra tweeted after the episode aired last Thursday. “I’m doing something special on it.”

Ooh! We can’t wait to see. Now to figure out what Sandra’s hinting at. As long as it doesn’t include another heartbreaking scene like the one we witnessed when Cristina presented the coveted Harper Avery award to Shane (Gaius Charles) instead of receiving it herself, we’re in.

What are you hoping is included in the full version?

Source: Twitter