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The Vampire Diaries

Co-Star Couples Who Broke Up But Stayed Together… On the Set

Couples break up every day, and while it’s certainly always sad, most don’t have to suffer through the trauma of seeing each other at work.

However, in the world of Hollywood, co-star couples are about as common as Kanye West beating up a paparazzo. So, when these duos decide to go their separate ways, they not only have to work together, but they’re often forced to continue to act like a couple on-screen!

Much like Vampire Diaries co-stars Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev, there’s a shocking number of exes who have managed to maintain a healthy working relationship, and in some cases, a ;strong friendships as well!

Click through our gallery to learn all about these pairs who got together, broke up, and lived to tell the tale... together no less!