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Did James Franco Ask a Teenage Girl to Meet Up on Instagram? — Report (VIDEO)

We want to love James Franco. We really do. But when he starts acting too much like his sleazy character in Spring Breakers, we’re not so sure.

Supposedly, Lucy Clode, a 17-year-old Scotland teen visiting NYC for her birthday, got the Instagram direct photo of a lifetime this week. After a rushed meeting with James while he was swarmed by fans, Lucy tagged James in the photo she managed to get with the This is The End star — and he quickly messaged her a selfie privately, showing he wanted to talk to her.

According to Lucy’s screen grabs (via Gossip Cop), James first made polite conversation with her. He asked her where she’s from, and how long she’d be in the city… and then things got a little hairy.

“You’re 18? Who are you with? Do you have a bf?” James asked, firing questions at her that you’d commonly expect from a guy attempting a booty call. Even after James found out Lucy was just celebrating her birthday early and had not yet turned 18, he still pressed her for info.

And after they exchanged numbers, James asked Lucy if he should come to her hotel and get a room so they could hang out… and even sent her a couple of photos (including one where he holds up a piece of paper with her name written on it) to prove his messages aren’t just an elaborate hoax.

Whether Lucy and James actually managed to meet up is still a mystery… and so is the validity of these photos. While it sure does look pretty incriminating on James’s part, there’s always that 5% chance that the screen grabs are a result of some top photoshop work — but if you asked us, we’d say it’s real.

James, however, is insisting it’s not. “I HOPE PARENTS KEEP THEIR TEENS AWAY FROM ME,” he said.

So what do you think — was James totally out of line with his age-inappropriate messages, or was he just trying to make a new friend? Click here to see the screen grabs and make the call for yourself.

Source: Gossip Cop, Twitter

04.3.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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