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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Season 5: Characters We Want to See Come Back

With all this talk of the disintegration of the Other Side and “rebirth,” we’ve started putting together our wishlist of The Vampire Diaries characters we’d like to see come back — perhaps, even from the dead. Though it was tempting to include our most favorite of TVD personalities, we tried to refine our list into characters who would pump the most narrative juice back into the storyline, who never had a chance to reach their full potential as a character. Here’s what we came up with!


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Who doesn’t love an Original vampire? This one is particularly cavalier when it comes to letting our TVDers die, or even actively pursuing their deaths, but that’s why we think it would be so much fun to have him back. He has a choice of narrative arcs he could play. There’s no. 1: Stay the self-serving villain with an accent, which is always good for driving the plot along or, better yet, no 2: Play the self-serving villain with an accent whose agenda happens to line up with that of our heroes. We’ve never really had the chance to see Kol and our main TVDers play for the same side. It could be fun, and then he can head over to The Originals!


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OK, Alaric is actually a character who doesn’t fall into our predetermined criteria of characters who never had a chance to reach their full potential. He was an awesome characters who got not one, but two amazing, heart-wrenching death scenes. That being said, we just love him so much and will never turn away a chance to see him returned back to his Mystic Falls family. Besides, Damon could use a little tough love perspective right now, and we think Alaric wouldn’t hold back in giving it to him.


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Nadia, we hardly knew thee outside your role as Katherine’s daughter, and we totally want to. Partly, because we think there must be more to your identity after 500 years of living and, partly, because we just want Matty Blue Eyes to have someone to love. Maybe Nadia isn’t the most healthy choice, nor does she fit his criteria of not-a-supernatural, but we haven’t seen Matt connect with someone like he did Nadia in a long time.


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Tessa was the best. Sure, she caused no end of trouble for Stefan and his memory, but she was bitterly sarcastic, unendingly clever, and totally ruthless. Besides, if we’re delving into the purpose and existence of the Other Side, it seems fitting that she would be around. After all, she was the one who created it. We want to see Tessa again, to see where her character might go if she’s no longer obsessed with making Stefan and Amara suffer. Pretty please, show?



Who doesn’t love Grams? She knew what was up, figuring out that the Brothers Salvatore were back in town and would bring a whole lot of supernatural chaos in their wake while everyone else was still distracted by Damon’s smoulder and Stefan’s hair. She also brings a different age demographic to a town that seems increasingly populated by only teenagers and young adults. Grams also makes Bonnie a more interesting character. Bon Bon’s relationship with her grandmother was one of the only ones that ever felt epicly compelling (probably because Grams is the only person who has consistently put Bonnie first). We’d love to see these two back together again for more than just a ghostly hand-holding session.

Which characters do you want to see come back? Sound off in the comments below!

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