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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Michael Ohoven Slams Carlton Gebbia on Twitter: “Please Stop the Silly Threats”

Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Giraud's husband, Michael Ohoven, shared some harsh words on this week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Reunion Part 3. Now, they're taking their feud to Twitter.

On March 31, after Michael tweeted about Carlton's "negativity," Carlton fired back. "If you continue to tweet negatively about me, I can assure you my husband will have a problem with you," she tweets. "No real man engages a woman. He's respected your wife."

Then, Michael responded on April 2. "You are so angry because the truth hurts most," he tweets. "You know how poorly you represented your faith."

"And please stop the silly threats," he continues. "I would've said the exact same thing if your husband was there supporting you."

Yikes. We always hope that the stars of the show will be able to patch things up once the show has been finished filming for a few months and tempers have died down. Sadly, Carlton and Michael appear to be as angry with each other as ever. It will be interesting to see if their tension continues.

Do you think Michael or Carlton is in the right? And do you think both Carlton and Joyce will be back on the show for Season 5?

Source: Michael on Twitter, Carlton on Twitter