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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Recap: Season 3, Episode 16 — “It’s Not Easy Being Green”

Sisterly love! In this week's Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 16 (“It’s Not Easy Being Green”), Regina has a not-so-pleasant family reunion, Hook and Henry share some guy time, and Rumple may have given Zelena a little too much help.

Sister Vs. Sister

The episode begins with an incredibly sad scene as our heroes pay their last respects to the dearly departed Neal. Then, Zelena audaciously pops in at Granny's diner and asks if she's missed the wake. How sweet of her. She then challenges her little sis, Regina, to a showdown that evening at Main Street. Sounds like a good, ol'-fashioned rumble.

As Hook adorably bonds with Henry, Regina is having trouble believing that she isn't an only child. But then she's convinced that Zelena is telling the truth when she realizes that a letter she thought Rumple had written to praise her was actually written to praise Zelena. Ouch.

Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC Television Group © 2014 Disney    

Want to Visit the Clock Tower?

Zelena meets the townspeople at sundown and is about to cause chaos, with Emma unable to stop her. In the nick of time, Regina shows up, and she smacks Zelena in the face, which is amazing. But Zelena fights back, tossing Regina into the clock tower. Zelena is about to grab Regina's heart when she realizes Regina has hidden it somewhere. Looks like Cora's advice is paying off.

Finally, we see Regina unearth her heart, and she entrusts it to Robin Hood. Symbolism alert! The two bond as Regina realizes she needs to appreciate what's in front of her. And it looks like they'll be soon getting that drink after all.

Rumple Meets Zelena

In this week's Fairytale Land flashback, we see Zelena is told by her adoptive father that she was found in a basket. Zelena visits the Wizard of Oz, who tells her that her mother, Cora, gave her away as a child because she couldn't turn Cora into royalty.

Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC Television Group © 2014 Disney    

Zelena is furious that Rumple is teaching Regina, so she pays him a visit. He is impressed with her powers, but she starts turning green with envy when she hears that he's still helping Regina. She tries to kill Regina, but "Regina" is actually Rumple in disguise.

Zelena tells Rumple that she could have taken him to a land without magic because of her special shoes. Rumple then tries to kill her, but she is already too powerful, and she slips away from him. Then, she goes back to the Wizard and turns him into a monkey. Yes, this show is bananas.

Three Biggest Mysteries of the Night

1. It's clear that Cora really was Zelena's mother. So who was her father?

2. How will Regina and her pals finally defeat Zelena?

3. Zelena says she doesn't want Snow's baby yet. So what does she have planned for the tyke?

Once Upon a Time airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.