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Amber Portwood Wishes Gary Shirley Hadn’t Made Leah a Twitter Account

Teen Mom's Amber Portwood is relatively new to the wonderful world of Twitter, but she's already had a taste of how dramatic the social media site can be — especially when it comes to fan backlash. Amber joined Twitter back in March and has already amassed over 30K followers at the time of writing this article, but that's nothing compared to the Twitter handle of her daughter, Leah Shirley.

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That's right, Amber's "boo boo" has 73K followers and counting — and she's only five-years-old! Before you OMG in horror at the prospect of a toddler making their own Twitter account, keep in mind that Leah's father — organic farmer and all-around cool dude, Gary Shirley — made this little lady's handle for her. While we're pretty sure Leah herself doesn't use the account (let alone know about its existence), Gary usually tags Leah in his tweets, and it looks like Amber is following in his foot steps!

"Me and [Leah]," Amber posted along with a picture of them together. "I'm not sure why the pony is in her mouth and I thought the sketch art looked neat."

The fact that Amber tagged Leah in this tweet makes it seem like she's totally fine with Leah’s Twitter account, but she's actually less-than-thrilled about it. When a fan asked if Leah really needs a Twitter, Amber responded, "Honestly I would prefer not...but Gary made it? But ya"

Sounds like Amber has a few doubts, but Leah's had a Twitter account for years without any negativity coming her way, so Gary definitely has a handle on things. Get it? You're welcome.

Do you think Leah is too young for Twitter? Sound off below!

04.7.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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