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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kim Richards Asked Taylor Armstrong For Lip Tips? See the Hilarious Scene (VIDEO)

Is Kim Richards planning to get her lips done? On last night's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 "Secrets Revealed" episode, we see Kim ask Taylor Armstrong for advice about making her lips bigger, and their conversation was rather unbelievable!

Kim meets Taylor at a cosmetics store, where Kim asks the clerk how to accentuate her lips. "How would you make your lips a little bit bigger?" we hear Kim ask.

Then, she asks Taylor about what she's had done. "Do you feel it in your lips?" Kim asks Taylor about the tube that's been inserted.

Kim even asks Taylor if the tube is noticeable when she sucks on things. "When I suck on things?" Taylor replies. "I've never had any complaints there."

Kim admits that it might serve her right to have her lip procedure go wrong, given the fact that she has insulted Taylor's lips in the past. "Since I was naughty and made fun of Taylor's duck lips [Kim quacks], for sure my karma is gonna be, I'm gonna do lips, and they're gonna end up like that [puts hands on lips]," Kim says.

Do you think Kim should get her lips done?

Source: Bravo