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This Photo of Blue Ivy and Beyoncé on Vacation Will Melt Your Heart (PHOTO)

Beyoncé and Jay Z celebrated their sixth anniversary the best way they knew how: by escaping to the Dominican Republic for a romantic getaway. But after six years of marriage, these two lovebirds aren’t just going to run off by themselves; they have some precious cargo to take along with them. And that cargo is their adorable 2-year-old princess daughter, Blue Ivy.

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So what did they do while on vacation? In between lounging by the ocean and doing cartwheels, Beyonce and her daughter got in touch with nature, and Blue even held a purple butterfly.Yes, a butterfly! She really is a princess, guys. This photo could quite possibly be the sweetest snapshot of Blue history, and we are forever in Bey’s debt for allowing us to witness such a magical moment.

But the cuteness doesn’t stop there. We were left clutching our hands to our hearts at the sight of Jay Z giving his little girl a piggy-back ride on the green lawn. Seriously, can he be any cuter? But that wasn’t the only time Jay did something sweet with Blue. A source recently told E! Newsthat this proud father was spotted pushing Blue on a swing at the playground. And we can’t handle it.

Now that Beyoncé has a lot more free time on her hands to spend with Blue now that’s finished 132 shows on the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, we’re hoping to see more cute photos of this fierce couple’s daughter. We’re ready.

Source: E! News