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Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell Setting Up Her Brother — With WHO?

Now that Season 18 Bachelor winner Nikki Ferrell has found romance, she’s apparently trying to spread the wealth. In fact, she and Juan Pablo Galavis appear to have found the perfect gal for Nikki’s younger brother, Eric — and you’ll never guess where they met her!

This week, Nikki and Juan Pablo have both been staying in her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, as Juan Pablo is hanging out watching the Royals play and collecting baseball memorabilia for his work. During his time in KC, Juan Pabs met Morgan Braden an employee at Kauffman Stadium, where the Royals play and he and Nikki think she’s the one for Eric.

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“T-shirt toss @Royals game and I'm looking for Morgan,” Nikki tweeted on April 9. “I heard my lil bro @eric__ferrell thinks you're kinda cute #heissingleladies.” Alas, Morgan wasn’t working that day, but she posted a photo (above) of herself and Juan Pablo from the day before. And JPG agrees that Morgan is a good match for Nikki’s bro, saying that “she will look GOOD with Eric…”

We’re guessing this has been quite the thrilling week for Morgan: One day, you’re just tossing T-shirts into the crowd, minding your own business, and the next day, two reality stars are trying to make you part of the family. Not too shabby. And Eric is definitely easy on the eyes, as we discovered during Nikki’s hometown date. So Morgan is one lucky lady.

Are Nikki and Juan Pablo as talented at matchmaking as the Bachelor producers are? We’ll have to wait and see. But we’re thinking that Morgan has never been more disappointed to have a day off of work then she was this week.

Do you think it’s sweet that Nikki and Juan Pablo are looking out for her younger brother? And do you think Morgan and Eric would make a cute couple?

Source: Morgan Braden on Twitter