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Vanderpump Rules

Scheana Marie and Kristen Doute Get Matching Tattoos — And James Kennedy Gets One Too! (PHOTOS)

There have been times when Vanderpump Rules stars Scheana Marie and Kristen Doute haven't seemed to be the best of friends. But that all appears to have changed now, as the two got matching tattoos and Kristen's boyfriend, James Kennedy, got one, too!

On April 9, Scheana and Kristen both posted a pic (below) of their matching treble clef tattoos on their inner wrists. "Tattoo time! Love you @scheanamarie #musicspeaks @adamxiii #pumprules," Kristen captions the photo. Meanwhile, Scheana captions hers, "New tats! Thx @adamxiii for our awesome!!! @kristendoute."

And while James didn't get a clef tattoo, he did get a cross on his inner wrist. "Got my first tattoo! #iwantmorenow @kristendoute," he captions several pics (at left) of the day.

One of Scheana's Instagram followers is worried that Scheana will regret the tattoo if she has another falling out with Kristen. But Scheana thinks otherwise. "It will always be a reminder of my love for music and a great day with my friends!" she replies. "It's my body. And I love it." Well said, Scheana!

We think it's great that Scheana and Kristen have become so tight. And we're glad to see that Kristen and James's romance is stronger than ever!

What do you think about these three getting tattoos together?

Sources: Scheana on Instagram, James on Instagram