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Glee Spoilers: Extended Synopsis For Season 5, Episode 18 — Santana Returns, Rachel Faces a Huge Decision

On this week's Glee episode, Rachel (Lea Michele) quit NYADA, putting all her eggs in the Funny Girl basket. Now, we're learning what to expect from the upcoming Season 5, Episode 18: "The Back-Up Plan," and it involves Rachel making another pivotal decision.

According to a rumored synopsis of the episode which airs on April 29 Funny Girl will become a big success, making Rachel a rising star. Rachel signs with a big talent agent, but Rachel and her agent have different ideas of where her career should be headed. Then, she considers taking a risk by accepting a Hollywood executive's once-in-a-lifetime movie offer.

Meanwhile, Kurt (Chris Colfer) is asked to perform for a wealthy socialite, so Kurt convinces Blaine (Darren Criss) to perform with him. However, the socialite ends up being more impressed by Blaine than by Kurt. How anyone could be underwhelmed by Kurt's voice, we'll never know.

And Mercedes (Amber Riley) is worried about getting her new single just right, so she turns to Santana (Naya Rivera) for help. However, this move will end up putting Mercedes's recording career in jeopardy. Yikes!

This sounds like quite the dramatic episode. We're thrilled to learn that Funny Girl will be a big hit but we're a bit worried as to what Rachel's next move might be. Don't screw this up, Rachel!

What do you think about this episode's rumored synopsis?

Source: SpoilerTV