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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Shares Parenting Advice With Pregnant Ciara: “Use Your Own System”

Now that Kanye West and Future have teamed up to record a song about how much they adore their brides-to-be — Kim Kardashian and Ciara — it’s only right that the subjects of their song have a few heart to hearts, right?

And now that Kim’s been a mom for nine months to the always adorable North West, she’s ready to share her words of parenting wisdom with the extremely pregnant Ciara before she welcomes her own little bundle of joy into this world.

“One thing [Kim] said that I believe is so true is that you kind of create your own system [of parenting] that works for you,” Ciara tells Wonderwall. “There are things I can’t talk about — like breastfeeding … But she’s shown me how [the stroller I love] moves and how it works. We’ve had really fun moments like that.”

And although no play dates are planned as of yet, Ciara and Kim are already planning to continue to trade tips and tricks of the mommy trade once Ciara’s baby boy is born.

“We’ve talked about when my baby comes and the fun we can have [together] as moms,” Ciara adds.

Why is it that we can already imagine Nori and her new friend taking baby yoga classes together? We’re okay with it, as long as we get to see pics!

Source: Wonderwall