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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Season 5, Episode 18 — Delena Gets Awkward (VIDEO)

The Vampire Diaries is finally back on Thursday with Season 5, Episode 18 (“Resident Evil”), and we have our very first sneak peek at the episode, which will see Stefan and Elena sharing intensely intimate visions of their could-be happily ever after. But, first, we get Delena being awkward in all of their post-break up glory. Check it out in this clip from TV Guide!

The scene begins with Enzo opening the Salvatore mansion door to reveal Caroline and Elena. “I thought you were bringing a witch?” he frowns at them. (We’re guessing he’s referring to Liv, the fang gang’s new go-to witch since Bonnie lost her magical abilities.)

Caroline doesn’t miss a beat, walking past Enzo and throwing her jacket into his face, presumably to hang up: “We said we’d call her, we didn’t say we’d pick her up,” she tells him.

Meanwhile, Elena is in her own world: “So...where’s Damon?” she asks, just as Damon comes into the room. He can’t seem to take his eyes off of Elena. They exchange somewhat awkward, but still thoroughly intense hellos. They obviously want to chat and Caroline and Enzo obviously want to be anywhere else.

“So, who could use a drink from the library?” Enzo asks.

“Yes, please!” Caroline responds immediately, and the two exit for some alcohol. We love these two are tenuous friends after their road trip to Atlanta. Despite any reservations that Caroline might have about being friends with Damon’s “murder buddy,” you have to admit they have chemistry. (Although, apparently, Caroline has it with everyone.)

“Well, at least they’re not being obvious,” Elena says as she walks towards a smirking Damon, aaand the scene ends (for now). What happens next? We’ll have to wait for Thursday night when the episode airs — but we’re guessing it will involve a lot more awkwardness.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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