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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Spoilers: Tyrion Is Arrested: What Happens Next?

We barely got to celebrate the fact that Joffrey was dead before we were brought back down to earth by Tyrion’s arrest for the murder. What’s in store for Tyrion now that he’s headed to jail? Read on to find out!

Warning! This article contains spoilers from the A Song of Ice and Fire book series; click away now if you don’t want to know!

Spoiler alert: Tyrion’s innocent, but no one’s going to believe that. He had the motivation, and he was the one serving Joffrey the wine that killed him, so the prosecution has a pretty airtight case. Nonetheless, Tyrion gets a trial, and literally everyone is going to turn against him.

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In the books, Shae gives an embarrassing testimony against Tyrion. This may or may not make it into the show, given the fact that “show Shae” is a much more sincere and sympathetic character than “book Shae”, so we’ll have to see. The three judges presiding over the trial are Tywin Lannister, Mace Tyrell, and Oberyn Martell. There’s no question that Tyrion is going to be found guilty, so his only option for survival appears to be a trial by combat (hey, it worked for him in the Vale).

The problem? Cersei will name The Hound’s beastly brother, The Mountain, as her champion in that situation, making her victory all but certain. Despite this, or rather because of it, Oberyn visits Tyrion’s cell the eve before the reading of his verdict and offers to be his champion. Desperate to get revenge on The Mountain for killing his sister and her children, this would allow Oberyn to do so legally.

The Mountain and Oberyn fight for Tyrion’s life, and Oberyn mops the floor with him. Besting him physically isn’t enough for him, however — Oberyn wants to hear the Mountain admit to killing his sister before he dies. The Mountain refuses, until he catches Oberyn with his guard down. He admits to his crime just before smashing in Oberyn’s face, thus dooming Tyrion. Oberyn does get his revenge, albeit posthumously.

Credit: Macall B. Polay/HBO © 2014 Home Box Office    

Since Oberyn used a poisoned spear in the fight, the Mountain dies a very slow, very agonizing death. While awaiting his sentence, Jaime and Varys free Tyrion. In the books, Jaime’s motivation is guilt over Tyrion’s first marriage. Since show viewers aren’t all that familiar with that story, they’ll probably come up with another reason for Jaime to intervene ( it could just be that he loves his brother and believes he’s innocent).

While Varys leads Tyrion on his escape, they “coincidentally” pass by Tywin’s chambers, where Tyrion decides to pay his father a visit. This is where things could get murky. In the books, Tyrion enters to find a naked Shae in his father’s bed. Tyrion kills his former lover, then finds Tywin in the bathroom and murders him as well. We don’t think that’s what’s going to happen in the show, however. Tywin will likely have Shae killed, which Varys foreshadowed in the wedding episode, and we think Tyrion will find out when Varys frees him. This will give Tyrion the extra motivation to murder his father, and also absolve Shae of doing something totally out of character.