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How the Heck Did These Celebrities End Up in a Photo Together?! (PHOTOS)

How did Justin Bieber end up in a photo with Lil Wayne? How did Kim Kardashian find herself flexing alongside Hulk Hogan? The title pretty much says it all: Your guess is as good as ours! We never would've thought any of these stars would ever connect, but apparently the celebrity world is small. Really small. ;

There are a bunch of different reasons that unlikely celebs end up in photos together. If you're Snoop Lion (nee Dogg), Norman Reedus, or Aaron Paul, you often end up in photos with other celebs because you're a fan yourself. Other times, two people just say "what's up" at an awards show. Other times, a pair just has a common interest, like that time that Lil Jon and Taylor Lautner ended up at a baseball game together (a thing that actually happened). Other times, a pair of celebs are just working together ;— but it's still weird, like when 2 Chainz ended up on an episode of Law and Order: SVU.

This ever-expanding selection of unlikely celebrity photo pairings sometimes makes us scratch our heads, but other times it just gives us hope that our favorite celebs are forging friendships. Norman Reedus and Ian Somerhalder, anyone?!

Click through to see some of the more bizarre celeb pairings caught on camera. ;Which ones are your favorites?