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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones’ Jack Gleeson on Joffrey’s Death: It’s a Relief

While viewers the world over were happy to see the death of the awful King Joffrey Baratheon on Game of Thrones, perhaps no one was happier to bid farewell to him than the actor who portrays him, Jack Gleeson.

Jack speaks to EW about Joffrey’s death, saying, “It’s relieving, in a way.” Jack has previously stated his disdain for fame and his desire to retire from acting, so it should come as no shock that he’s glad to no longer be portraying Joff, but that doesn’t mean he won’t miss him a little.

“It was just fun,” Jack says. “To be able to not be yourself for five minutes, half-an-hour, all day. I wouldn’t say it’s therapeutic, but it’s fun to think somebody else’s thoughts, especially a character like Joffrey.”

Now that Jack’s done being Joffrey, he’s not sure what’s in store for him next. “I have one year left in college,” Jack says. “After that, I might do a post-graduate of some kind, but I don’t know in what.”

Might a return to acting be in his future? “When I’m destitute in ten years time, I’ll accept any script!” Jack jokes, before revealing he has no plans on accepting acting roles any time soon.

“No. As long as I’m in the not-ungrateful-but-perhaps-happy place where I can say ‘No’ to whatever, I’m going to do that.”

04.15.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Johnny Brayson
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