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The Bachelor

Lucy Aragon Goes Nearly Nude at Coachella — See the Shocking Pic!

Is there any doubt that someone who self-identifies as a “free spirit” would attend Coachella? We think not, since we’re guessing that 90 percent of the people there have called themselves that at some point. However, Bachelor Season 18’s Lucy Aragon always manages to be freer than most people, as her shocking Coachella 2014 wardrobe choice — or lack thereof — proves.

It’s no secret that Lucy is not a big fan of wearing clothes. She was seen walking her dog and swimming in the pool in her birthday suit on the show, and she also frequently posts pics to Twitter of herself in the buff.

Credit: Twitter    

Evidently, music festivals are no exception. On April 13, a fellow Coachella attendee posted a photo of herself with Lucy, and you can see that Lucy went to Coachella with bells on shells on. Lucy also posted a photo of herself sitting in a fountain at the festival. “When a mermaid goes to the desert and dances in the sun, she needs to find water,” Lucy quips about herself.

We must say, we’re quite impressed that Lucy is able to get those shells to stay in place, as it seems like a miracle of science that she somehow did not have a nip slip. Is there strategically placed double-sided tape involved that we don’t know about? Regardless, we’re sure that Ariel would be impressed.

Do you think Lucy should have covered up more at Coachella? Or do you like what she wore?

Source: Lucy on Twitter