Credit: Holly Durst on Instagram    
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The Bachelor Pad

Holly Durst and Blake Julian Show Off Beautiful New Home (PHOTO)

It's official — we're all welcome to crash at Holly Durst and Blake Julian’s house in South Carolina. Bachelor Nation road trip!

That may not be exactly what Holly meant when she she posted the photo below, but she did write, "Finally putting up a photo of our new house! I've been busy making it a home! Friends, come visit Greenville, SC!"

Holly and Blake got hitched after meeting on Bachelor Pad 2, and they now live in Greenville, where dentist Blake works at Signature Smiles Family Dentistry.

Credit: Holly Durst on Instagram    

They've been planning this move for a while. Holly actually tweeted some early design plans back in July 2013. In January 2014, Blake — who doesn't tweet as often as Holly — shared a Living Social link, writing, "Moving into a new house soon! Gotta decorate it somehow, and this is a great deal!"

Holly shared some fun updates in March, writing, "The builder of our house just came over to ask about Juan Pablo. Haha." Before that, she noted, "I just walked by a room in Blake's office and heard one of his male patients asking him who he thinks Juan Pablo will choose."

Once you've been on the show, you can never escape it. Bachelor fans will find you anywhere, including a dentist's office in South Carolina.

But congrats to Holly and Blake on their beautiful new home. It's almost as swanky as The Bachelor mansion! But as long as it has room for a hot tub and a fantasy suite, that's really all you need.

Sources: Holly on Twitter, Blake on Twitter