Credit: Jenelle Evans on Instagram    
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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Is Planning a Huge Surprise For Nathan Griffith — What Is It? (PHOTO)

News flash: Teen Mom 2's Nathan Griffith is still in jail. Yep, this hunky MMA fighter has been locked up for 47 days thanks to charges stemming from his 2013 DUI arrest, which means his pregnant girlfriend, reality starlet Jenelle Evans, is all on her lonesome. Jenelle's having a pretty hard time without Nathan (and who can blame her?!), but luckily she's occupying herself by preparing for his arrival back home.

Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    

You guessed it...the time has come for Jenelle to get her craft on. This gal wants to treat Nathan to a huge surprise when he gets out of the slammer, so she wandered over to the local art store and bought a bunch of supplies for crafting. And no, guys, she is not hot-gluing hair feathers to random objects.

"Mmmm... What do I have up my sleeve for Nathan?!" Jenelle tweeted on April 16. She also added, "This is the most sentimental thing I have ever thought of for any man in my life. So excited for [Nathan] to see this!"

Let's looks like Jenelle has purchased string lights, safety pins, ribbon, and thumbtacks. It also looks like she's printed some photos...presumably of herself and Nathan. Are you thinking what we're thinking? Because we're thinking Jenelle's going to decorate her entire house with photo-bunting. Nathan sure is one lucky dude!

We're sure he'll be extremely touched by Jenelle's sweet gesture — do you agree? Let us know below.