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NeNe Leakes

Gregg and NeNe Leakes Wear Matching Shoes — Too Cute or Too Much? (PHOTO)

NeNe Leakes and her second-time husband, Gregg Leakes, are doing better than ever. Clearly, the Real Housewives of Atlanta couple proved that a little divorce can really bring the romance back into a relationship. Week after week, we see Gregg cheering his wife on from the audience on Dancing With the Stars with what can only be described as pure adoration on his face. And now, the pair is even coordinating their footwear!

Credit: NeNe Leakes on Instagram    

NeNe recently took to Instagram to post a below-the-knee shot of her and Gregg's matching kicks. And by kicks, we mean sleek heels for NeNe and fancy shoes for Gregg, both covered in silver studs.

"Me & my hubby @greggleakes in his & her's matching Christian Louboutian's #redbottoms #shoecrazy," NeNe gushed next to the photo.

OK, so we have to admit that this move is sorta cute, but at the same time, we can almost hear all the jaded sarcastic types out there gagging just a little bit. Really, the twinsies game is super cute on a pair of googly-eyed teens, but is it appropriate for a grown couple that in their 40s?

That being said, maybe that's the point. Gregg and NeNe may have 15-plus years under their (also matching?) belts, but here they are acting like a couple of silly teenagers. Isn't that what love is all about?

So, we say hooray to matching Loubies… but what do you think?

Are Gregg and NeNe's complementary shoes too cute or too much? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.