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From Oprah to Gaga: 20 Celebs Who Smoke Pot (PHOTOS)

Marijuana: It's not just for black light poster-filled dorm rooms anymore. Many celebrities are feeling free to be totally open about lighting up a j or two in their day, whether they're a current user or they just had one super-crazy night.

With marijuana legalization becoming a reality in Washington and Colorado, more and more people are becoming comfortable with letting their stoner flag fly. However, plenty of people indulged long before legalization was even on the table, celebrities included. While most stars keep mum about any theoretical drug use, these famous figures are a bit more open about their pot-related experiences.

In honor of tomorrow's holiday ;— you know, the one that's not ;Easter ;— let's take a look at celebrity pot smokers, both former and current. ;Click on to see which celebrities have, indeed, inhaled. ;Some of them might surprise you! ;(Others won't. Like, at all.)