Credit: Carter Smith for Allure    
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Kristen Bell Goes Nude in The Sand for Allure Magazine — See The Photo! (VIDEO)

Kristen Bell may be all about the importance of feeling at home in your own skin, but is that really the way she feels about herself? According to her pose in Allure’s annual nudes feature, the Frozen star absolutely delivers.

In the mag, Kristen strips down (alongside stars like Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Minnie Driver) on the beach to show off her more natural side and dishes on what it’s like to be naked in front of the entire world.

“I talk a big game about being comfortable no matter what my size,” Kristen says. “I wanted to put my money where my mouth was.”

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t parts of her body she’s not 100% thrilled about. “My belly skin has made me self-conscious, and it’s only gotten worse since I’ve had a baby,” Kristen admits. “I have definitely and happily used a body double. It’s a very nice thing to be able to rely on.”

Sounds like it. Where can we get one of those?

And as much as the Veronica Mars star isn’t so into her tummy, there is a part of her body she really does like: her butt — and butts in general.

“I’m very happy with the amount that I’ve been given,” she notes. “I often attempt to sculpt them into something more than what I’ve been given.”

Despite Kristen’s own body hang ups, she looks amazing in her photo — and when her daughter, Lincoln, gets older, she has a lot to be proud of… once she gets past the whole “Mom’s naked in a magazine” thing.

In the meantime, the 33-year-old can say there’s not a single person she’s worried about reacting to her photo, which speaks volumes of her self-confidence. Just as long, she says, as people realize the true purpose behind her pose.

“I hope it’s not misinterpreted, but that’s too big of a problem for me to actually think about,” Kristen adds.

The May issue of Allure hits newsstands on April 29.

Source: Allure

Credit: Carter Smith for Allure    

04.22.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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