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Glee Recap: Season 5, Episode 17: “Opening Night” — [Spoiler] Has a New Baby!

Oh, baby! Tonight's thrilling Glee episode featured two debuts: Rachel first night on Broadway, and the arrival of Wemma's baby! It's time for our recap of Season 5, Episode 17: "Opening Night," so swallow a spoonful of Grey Poupon, and let's get started.

A Chip Off the Ol' Block Butt Chin

The episode begins amazingly, with Rachel having an anxiety dream where she's decked out in her former fashions welcome back, plaid skirt and animal sweater! and visited by such familiar faces as Karofsky and Jacob. Love it! But things get even worse when Tina's ill-conceived pep talk freaks her out. But it is pretty funny how everyone knew Tina was dating a gay guy. The more things change...

Sue joins Schue in NYC to watch Rachel's big performance, although Schue misses it when Emma gives birth to their little tyke, Daniel Finn Schuester. We love the name! Sue is bored out of her mind but perks up when she meets restaurateur Mario (no, not Batali), with whom she has a ridiculous amount of sex with. You're welcome for that mental image.

Credit: Tyler Golden/FOX ©2014 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

Rachel Is the Greatest Star

As for Rachel's actual performance, it could not have gone better. Yes, we had already heard "I'm the Greatest Star in the World" when Kurt did a bang-up job with it in Season 3, but Rachel's rendition is truly something special. We also love Finn's flashback scene as Rachel sings "Who Are You Now?" Yep, that moment definitely turned on the waterworks for us.

In the end, the bloggers were wrong, and Rachel gets glowing reviews, which all her friends congratulate her about. And are Sue and Mario going to end up together? Sue tells him she belongs in Ohio, but the look on her face in the cab seems to suggest otherwise. Sue is becoming a softie? Who'd a thunk it!

Our Favorite Scene of the Night

Are you pleased that Rachel's first night earned raves, or do you think it would have been more interesting for her to deal with mixed feedback? Frankly, Rachel has had such an up-and-down year that we are relieved that things went off without a hitch.

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For our "Favorite Scene" award, we're going with Santana convincing Rachel to come out from under the covers by reading her a few of Babs's harsh reviews from back in the day. Naya and Lea might not be besties in real life — sadness! — but this scene was perfection.

Our runner-up scene is Mario calling Sue "lovable" during their touching goodbye. We think his character is a great addition to the show — and a much better fit for Sue than, say, Rod Remington — not to mention that Chris Parnell is amazing in everything he does. And in third place is Rachel's opening nightmare. Bring Karofsky back for good, Glee!

So is Rachel destined for TV stardom in the near future, as rumors suggest? We can't wait to find out! By the way, when Rachel and Kurt were talking about her "cup" this week, were we the only ones who were hoping Brittany would suddenly show up and start singing her classic tune, "My Cup"? Now that would have been perfection.

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments section!

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