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Couple Asks Internet to Name Their Baby, Then Wisely Changes Their Minds

A couple recently got more than what they bargained for when they decided to let the internet name their baby.

According to Reddit, the baby’s father posted the link Name My Daughter on the site three months ago, along with the following statement: “I am a crazy man trying to let the internet name my daughter...Yes my wife knows.” Their reasoning? According to Time, the couple never really made it clear why they were turning to the internet to name their child.

The couple was soon inundated with thousands of helpful suggestions, including winners such as Streetlamp Le’ Moose and Glorious Sideboob. It seems that after sifting through all of the submissions, they realized that they didn’t have the heart to actually name their daughter Not Zelda or Megatron (Meg for short?).

To be fair, the husband initially stated that he and his wife would ultimately make the final decision. Then again, is it really surprising that they had second thoughts? Salad is no name for a child!

We can also report that there is a happy ending to the tale! On the couple’s website, they announced that their baby girl, who they named Amelia Savannah Joy McLaughlin, was born ‘happy and healthy’ on April 7, 2014, and that mother, father, and baby are resting peacefully. Aww!

Would you let the internet name your child? Sound off below!

Source: Reddit

04.23.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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