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Lydia McLaughlin

Pregnant Lydia McLaughlin’s Husband Is Touring the Playboy Mansion — She’s “Totally Cool With It”

It appears that former Real Housewives of Orange County star Lydia McLaughlin is a more understanding wife than we even realized. Case in point: Even though she's currently pregnant, she apparently has no qualms about her husband Doug going to a very sexy location without her. Lucky guy.

On April 22, Lydia tweeted that her husband was currently at a place that would make a lot of straight men very jealous. "I'm pregnant and my husband @OCDoug is touring the Playboy mansion today... #HowDidThisHappen #ImTotallyCoolWithIt #ISwear," she tweets.

We love all of Lydia's hilarious hashtags here, which prove what a great sense of humor she has. Lydia and Doug have an amazing relationship, as we saw during Lydia's time on the show in Season 8. So we know that Lydia isn't actually mad at him, nor does Lydia have anything to worry about. Still, Lydia's message cracks us up!

But we're curious as to how Doug managed to swing that Playboy Mansion tour, since we can't imagine it's a place that just anyone can take a tour of. Perhaps Doug is besties with Hef?

Are you surprised that Doug went to the Playboy Mansion without Lydia? And do you miss seeing them on RHOC?

Source: Lydia on Twitter