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Celebrity Pregnancy

Pregnant Mila Kunis Shows Off Baby Bump With Fiancé Ashton Kutcher (VIDEO)

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher may not have gone public with the news Mila’s expecting, but these new photos leave little doubt in our minds their party’s about to get bigger by one. Either that, or Mila had a hell of a burrito for lunch.

Snapped while the TV stars were visiting Ashton’s sister in Louisiana, the photos show the pair taking in the local sights. On their to-visit list? A waffle house, which they look to have walked to (see for yourself in the video above). Can you imagine driving down the road and seeing Kelso and Jackie from That '70s Show walking alongside? We might have crashed the car.

Later in the trip, the vacationing couple took a visit to the spa along with Ashton’s sister Tausha, who’s also expecting (and due right around Mila’s reported October due date). Emerging from their R&R session, the two ladies got a little love from Ashton. His wife-to-be got a peck on the lips while Tausha got a side hug. Loving the love, you guys!

We’re not sure how long the couple might be down in Louisiana. They arrived earlier this week to celebrate Tausha’s marriage to Kenny Kordisch. Perhaps the nuptials gave the famous couple inspiration for their own wedding, which we heard will happen after they welcome their little one later this year.

Can you believe how big Mila’s baby bump is getting? Can’t believe she’s due in October? Hit the comments! Also, anyone else want waffles now?