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Grey's Anatomy

Ellen Pompeo Treats Grey’s Anatomy Cast and Crew to Food Truck — With Lasagna Cupcakes?!

Food trucks have always been an integral part of the culture on the Grey’s Anatomy set. Whether there’s cause for celebration or just cause for a snack, a food truck is always the way to go. Remember when the interns supplied Indian food for everyone?

Now it’s Ellen Pompeo’s turn to treat. In what we assume is in honor of the cast wrapping up Season 10, the woman responsible for the genius that is Meredith Grey so graciously supplied a food truck from local catering company Heirloom LA.

“Thank you @EllenPompeo for this super yummy food truck today!!! Sooo good!” Sarah Drew (April Kepner) tweeted.

So what was on the menu on set? Heirloom LA is famous for their lasagna cupcakes, which sounds delicious. We are totally supportive of anything in a cupcake shape. Heirloom LA also serves up plenty of yummy (and even kinda fancy) entrees and desserts. We’re so jealous!

Really, we’re just thinking about the food to mask our sadness over the fact that Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang) is getting ready to wrap her role on Grey’s for good. Warning: If you do not want to cry, do not, under any circumstances, check out this adorable selfie from the set this week.

Imagine this: It’s your turn to supply the food truck at the Grey’s set. What do you pick?

Source: Twitter, Heirloom LA

Credit: Twitter