Credit: Jenelle Evans on Instagram    
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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Shares the Cutest Photo of Jace and Nathan Griffith (PHOTO)

Life for Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans is just perfect, y’all. Not only is her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith out of the slammer, but she is expecting a baby with him. On top of that, her divorce with Courtland Rogers is almost happening, and yes, there may again be wedding bells in Jenelle’s future. So what else can go right in this girl’s life? An adorable bonding session with her first son, Jace, and Nathan, of course. Cue the aww, guys!

Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    

“Both rocking Under Armour,” Jenelle captioned the photo on Twitter. “He loves his Nathan.” You guys, we can barely contain ourselves over this sweet snapshot. From the looks of it, it seems like Nathan and Jace are playing some serious video games (or maybe just Nathan and Jace is coaching him, natch). We just love seeing these two boys bonding!

Another reason why this photo just melts our hearts is because Jace finally has a father figure in his life. After all, this little guy could use someone like Nathan to teach him the ropes in preparation for his new role as big brother.

That’s right, come June, Jace won’t be the only baby in Jenelle’s life. Once Kaiser comes to town, this family will have their hands full with a little baby hanging around, but we’re not worried about Jenell and Nathan’s co-parenting skills. These two are as strong as ever, and we’re confident they can handle anything.

Despite this couple’s rocky past — ex-girlfriends, DUI arrests, and talks of an abortion — Jenelle has reassured Dr. Drew during part two of MTV’s Reunion Special that these two are in a much better place.

We've gotten a lot better since," Jenelle explained. "Maybe it's because we realize that we're having this child and it's the real deal." You guys, they are the real deal.

We just can’t wait to see Nathan, Jenelle, and Jace welcoming little Kaiser this summer. Just think of all the adorable snapshots Jenelley will be sharing. We are so #blessed.

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