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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2014: Amy Purdy and Derek Hough’s Week 7 Rumba (VIDEO)

On Dancing With the Stars Season 18, Week 7, Latin Night, Amy Purdy and Derek Hough danced a Rumba.

In the video package Derek explained that the Rumba is a dance of love. Amy said she found this week really hard. She's having challenges at home; her long term relationship is faltering and it's making it hard to get into the dance. Derek said that he likes to act crazy when Amy is getting frustrated and sad. It's pretty cute.

The result was a nice dance. Not our favorite Rumba ever, or our favorite from Amy. But as always she's a solid performer, and Derek put together a nice dance for her.

The judges seemed to like it more than we did. Len said she lit his fire with a good mix of movement. Great content. Bruno said there's no question she's hot. It was sexy and classy. To Carrie Ann she's wonder woman. That said, her foot came off the ground; Carrie Ann wants to make sure she keeps things fair. Ricky Martin goes by what his heart is feeling. She was stunning.

Score: 36/40.

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