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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Did Joseline Hernandez Fire Back at Mimi Faust in New Instagram Pic? (PHOTO)

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Mimi Faust and boyfriend Nikko caused quite a frenzy when news of their sex tape dropped a couple of weeks ago. Co-star Joseline Hernandez slammed the vid by calling it “granny porn,” but Mimi brushed off Joseline’s comments by saying the Puerto Rican princess was just “mad” no one’s paying attention to her. But did Joseline just show Mimi she’s got nothing to be jealous of?

Joseline recently posted a photo to Instagram that (to us) seems like she’s taking a shot or two at Mimi’s newfound porn fame. In the pic, Joseline and hubby Stevie J. (aka Mimi’s ex) pose in what looks like a hotel bathroom. As Joseline sits on the tub, Stevie hangs from the shower rod — much like Mimi did in her raunch fest — and there are stacks of cash lined up along the counter.

“On my way to Tuscaloosa. #PlayHouse #badbishezzzz #GetMoney,” Joseline captioned the photo. Could this be a subliminal diss at Mimi? The fans seem to think so!

Credit: Instagram    

Joseline’s fans left countless comments on the photo, insinuating it’s a blow at Mimi’s sex tape — specifically, Stevie J.’s choice to take the photo while casually holding on to a shower rod. Stevie J. has yet to publicly respond to Mimi’s sex tape, though we see him react to it during the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 super trailer. Stevie even threatens to take his three-year-old daughter with Mimi, Eva, away from her mom because of it.

Mimi hasn’t responded to Joseline’s online onslaught because she thinks Joseline “is a clown,” but sooner or later, Mimi will have her say — and it’ll probably end in a crazy explosion on the reunion show!

Do you think Joseline Hernandez was throwing shade at Mimi Faust with her Instagram photo? Sound off in the comments below!


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