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Revenge Season 3, Episode 21 Spoilers: 7 Things We Learn From the Promo (VIDEO)

Revenge Season 3 Episode 20 ("Revolution") threw a major shock our way with Pascal's (Olivier Martinez) bloody demise. Now that Conrad (Henry Czerny) feels in control, Victoria's (Madeleine Stowe) brokenhearted, and Emily's (Emily VanCamp) plan is once again in tatters, what can we expect from Season 3 Episode 21 ("Impetus")?

Here's what the promo for the episode reveals.

1. Fight! At :01 we see Daniel (Josh Bowman) and Aiden Mathis (Barry Sloane) get into a fight; something we can see a lot more of in the promo photos of the episode.

2. Conrad flips out. "I have the power to take you out any time I want!" Conrad shouts at :05. Who's he talking to? His wife, maybe (probably)? It looks like it, if this is the same scene as :10, where he's shouting at a brunette that "Charlotte's been abducted."

3. Poor Charlotte. Speaking of, the youngest Grayson seems to be in big trouble at :11. Who kidnapped her? Was it the person who was creeping around in Episode 20? Or perhaps this is part of Emily's plan. After all, the synopsis for the episode teases that Em takes "extreme measures against both the Graysons and those closest to her." Maybe she kidnaps her own sister for what she thinks is the greater good?

4. Victoria blames Conrad. "If she dies, this will be your fault," Victoria tells Conrad at :12. Not exactly sure how that follows, but hey. No one has ever accused the Graysons of being entirely logical when it comes to blaming each other for things.

5. Victoria and Conrad come to blows. Seriously, this scene looks intense at :15.

6. Is Conrad OK? At :15 Conrad who's by the water, so it's a different scene appears to be either coughing violently, or reacting in shock to something.

7. Is Emily behind bars? "I'm not finished yet," Emily says to someone... through bars. Is she in jail, or is she talking to someone else who's behind bars? We're thinking the latter, but it's hard to be sure. Maybe Aiden or Daniel gets locked up after that fight?

Check it out for yourself here.

Did we miss something? Interpret something wrong? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of Revenge on Sunday, May 4 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.