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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead TV Writers Were Furious When Robert Kirkman Spoiled THIS Character’s Comic Book Death

*Warning: Major The Walking Dead comic book spoilers ahead!*

The Walking Dead comic book writer Robert Kirkman has to walk a bit of a tightrope when discussing the book series with the TV show’s writers. RK was recently on The Writers’ Room and he talked about getting in trouble with the TV writers when he casually spoiled an upcoming death in the comics — the death of a beloved character who is still going strong on the TV show.

“As far as working in the writers’ room with people, there have been a few incidents where we’re talking about — I’m going to spoil Issue 100 right now for anyone who hasn’t read the comic, so mute your television if you care about that kind of thing, maybe you do, maybe you don’t — but Glenn dies in that issue,” RK said, referencing the July 2012 issue that marked the arrival of villain Negan and his special baseball bat named Lucille. We're only up to about Issue 64 between Season 4 and Season 5, so we probably won't see the Issue 100 action for a while.

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“And we were in the writers room discussing things,” RK continued, “and I was like ‘Glenn’s dying in this upcoming issue because, well, yadayadayada’ and everyone in the room was like ‘What are you? Why did you? COME ON!’ They were really pissed off that I spoiled it. But they were talking about something that was pertinent, and I felt like they should know that that’s where things were going in the comics.”

He said he stopped himself from saying it at first, then figured they were professional writers on TWD, they won't care about what’s in the comics. But since they were all very upset, now if the writers ask about where things are going in the books, he’ll hesitate before telling them. He said it’s “very frustrating” to try and balance what the writers need to know vs. what the writers as fans don’t want to know in advance.

But, you know, the comic book story and the TV story rarely line up, especially when it comes to major deaths. Look at Tyreese in the books and Hershel in the comics. So it’s still possible that the TV crew will decide Glenn shouldn’t meet Lucille. Maybe someone else will, or maybe that’s one storyline they’ll decide to follow verbatim.

Do you hope the TV show follows the books when it comes to Glenn’s death, or do you hope they change it?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Source: The Writers’ Room