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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 5: Emily Kinney Not on Set — Beth, Carol, Tyreese Filming Later? (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Good news! According to a Friday, May 2 post on The Spoiling Dead Fans, the rest of the cast has apparently arrived for filming. A fan was able to get photos with the cast last night, they said, including Norman, Lawrence, Chad, Steven, Chandler, Michael, Christian, Alanna, Danai, Lauren, Emily, Sonequa and Melissa. Andy and Josh were already on set, so that pretty much covers the big guns, right?

Original story from April 29:

Where’s Beth Greene Emily Kinney? The Walking Dead cast members have been tweeting arrivals in Georgia to film Season 5, but a few names are conspicuously absent. Not everyone has checked in online, but it’s worth noting that Emily has checked in — from a non-Georgia location.

Several cast members shared pics on the way to Atlanta on April 27 and 28, but Emily was just at the Calgary Expo over the weekend, along with TWD alumni Laurie Holden (Andrea) and Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon). On April 28, she tweeted, “Nighty night Calgary Expo! So fun meeting everyone this weekend. :) #iheartcanadians.”

Now it’s April 29 and it doesn’t seem like she’s on her way to Atlanta with the others, because she just tweeted, “Stopped by @seventeenmag to sing some tunes 2day!” and shared this Instagram pic. It’s cute, and we love her music, but the magazine is in New York City. What’s up with that?

Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

Emily isn’t the only one MIA, and The Spoiling Dead Fans shared this update on Facebook on April 29:

“Most of the actors are back in Georgia and have tweeted their arrival. No news on Melissa, Chad or Emily as of yet. Plenty of things going on set up wise. Terminus has had a bunch of activity going on late night the past couple of days for set up. Filming is right around the corner!”

Melissa McBride and Chad Coleman play Carol Peletier and Tyreese, who are part of the other group not stuck in Terminus. When will they hit the set, and what does it mean if they're not there already? Will they be benched for the premiere, or longer?

Hopefully the rest of the actors are on their way soon, so the great Beth mystery can be solved and Ty, Carol and baby Judith can either make their way to Terminus or manage to avoid the place altogether.

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Sources: Emily on Twitter, Facebook