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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Cyn Santana Undergoes Surgery — What Did She Have Done? (PHOTO)

If there's one thing the ladies of Love and Hip Hop are known for, it’s their fabulous bodies. On Season 4, we were introduced to the super curvy new girl Cyn Santana, who became the love interest of Erica Mena. But guys, it turns out that Cyn has gotten rid of some of her curves. That’s right, the model/reality star recently traded in her triple-D cups for something smaller by having a breast reduction.

I'm currently preparing myself for my surgery! I'm finally having breast reduction due to health and insecurity issues and I'm excited,” Cyn tweeted on April 21. The next day, Cyn was being wheeled into the operating room, and her friend kept fans abreast (see what we did there) on Cyn’s status.

Though Cyn wasn’t feeling too well after her operation, by April 23 the Season 4 newcomer posted a side-by-side photo before and after her operation:

Credit: Instagram    

The before picture was taken two weeks ago. The after picture was taken this morning. It's been 4 days post surgery. Although I'm still recovering I feel a little better. I made the decision of getting a breast reduction about two years ago when I started to feel insecure about my body. As my body began to change I developed larger breasts which started causing excruciating back pains and was giving me a hard time breathing. It was no longer an insecurity issue but now a health issue. I tried losing weight and getting better bras but I felt like nothing worked. As scared as I was I felt like surgery was my best option. I finally got my surgery and I'm more happy than ever! Its going to take some time to heal but I know it'll all be worth it. Health is ALWAYS first. I'm all for doing WHATEVER makes you happy. Do whatever makes you feel good. You live for yourself,” Cyn told her fans through her Instagram picture.

And for those spreading rumors about Cyn’s surgery? “My body is actually 10000000% REAL,” she said. She also thanked fans for the love and concern, and let them know that she’s been back to “krumpin real soon.”

What do you think of Cyn’s decision to get a breast reduction? Do you prefer her before or her after? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Cyn Santana on Instagram, Twitter