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Teen Mom 3

Teen Mom 3’s Devoin Austin II Arrested For Drug and Traffic Charges — See His Mug Shot!

Sigh, another day, another Teen Mom arrest. It seems like these crazy kids can't go a week without being thrown in the slammer for something or another, and the latest MTV reality star to have a run-in with the local law? That would be Teen Mom 3's resident deadbeat dad, Devoin Austin II.

Yep, Briana Dejesus's baby daddy was arrested on Sunday April 27 for drug and traffic charges in Kissimmee, Florida — otherwise known as an epic fail. So, what happened on that fated night? Turns out Devoin and his gal pal, Jazmine Williams, were pulled over in the evening when the police noticed that their car had an "illegal tag."

Credit: Osceola County Jail    

Unfortunately, the police officer noticed "the odor of burnt cannabis emanating from the driver-side window" and both Devoin and Jazmine were charged with possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Oh, and Devoin was also charged with driving an unregistered vehicle and driving with a suspended license.

"They advised me that they are currently boyfriend and girlfriend and are living together," the police report states. "I then asked Jazmine if there were any illegal narcotics inside the vehicle. Jazmine advised, 'Yes.'"

Both Devoin and Jazmine were released on bond, and hopefully they'll be a little less reckless next time they get in the car! Meanwhile, Briana has stayed quiet about her baby daddy's arrest, though she hasn't been quite so circumspect in the past.

"Don't say u want to be a father when u don't bring A N Y T H I N G to the table … kids need consistency!" she tweeted and deleted back in September 2013. She then added, "Won't ever let Devoin think it's ok to father Nova when it's convenient for him. That's why I want him 2 stay away! Nova needs hands on 24/7."

Are you surprised that Devoin was arrested again? Let us know what you think of his latest infraction in the comments.

Source: Orlando Sentinel