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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 5: The Mullet Is Back! See Josh McDermitt Lose All His Hair For Eugene (PHOTOS)

It takes a village to create a mullet this beautiful!

Josh McDermitt plays Dr. Eugene Porter on The Walking Dead and, inexplicably, he doesn’t just go around sporting Eugene’s perfect hair all the time. Why the heck not? Now that most of the cast has arrived in Atlanta for Season 5 filming, Josh has to morph back into Eugene, and that means cutting off his own hair.

He documented the process on Instagram, first sharing this mad scientist-looking photo, writing, “goodbye.. #TWD #Eugene #TheMulletIsComing”:

He followed that with this floor shot of his departed hair, adding, “anybody wanna buy this? #TWD #TheMulletIsBack”:

Mullet, you have been claimed! But some of the comments under the hair pic are pretty awesome.

• “Noooooooo!!! You're gorgeous locks!! Lmao!!”

• “Does it do tricks?”

• “so your mullet is *gasp!* a wig????”

• “Hey Josh, produce muletts out of your hair and sell them in the Woodbury shop! It's organic and a very authentic souvenir! Just saying ;-) xx”

• “I'll trade u two cigarettes and a raccoon hat for it. Lol”

That’s a good suggestion from the Woodbury Shoppe person, but Josh should haggle with the last commenter for three cigarettes and a raccoon hat.

Eugene’s mullet is a thing of beauty, and we welcome its return, but Josh’s fallen hair deserves a moment of silence. Farewell!

If you had Eugene’s mullet, would you keep it all year round or grow your own hair so you could be different from your character (and anyone else who has a mullet)?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Source: Josh on Instagram