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Grey's Anatomy

Should Cristina Yang and Preston Burke Rekindle Their Grey’s Anatomy Romance?

It's been seven years since Dr. Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington) left Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) at the altar, but are some feelings too deep to ever truly go away? Burke is back on Grey's Anatomy Season 10, Episode 22, "We Are Never Getting Back Together," and fans are wondering if a rekindled romance is in the works.

The promo for the episode certainly suggests that Burke might wants Cristina back. It calls Burke "the love of [Cristina's] life" — um, what about Owen (Kevin McKidd)? — and shows him saying "I want you Cristina." Now, we're not quite convinced he actually means that romantically. He could also be offering her a job opportunity.

We'll have to tune on Thursday to see which direction the show takes, but for now, we want to know: do you want Burke and Cristina to strike up a relationship again?

Their romance was divisive even at the time, and a lot has happened in the seasons since then — including Cristina's marriage to and divorce from Owen. Cristina is not the same person she was when Burke left. But does that mean they definitely shouldn't get back together, or could the ways she (and, presumably, he) has changed make the relationship work this time around? Is this romance something fans are still invested in?

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