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R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3, Episode 2: “Uncomfortable in My Skin” — Here’s What Went Down

R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3 is really starting to heat up, and for divas Monifah, Syleena Johnson, and KeKe Wyatt, the situation is getting really dire. So, what happened on last night’s episode, “Uncomfortable in My Skin”? Here’s what went down:

1. Time to prep for the wedding! Monifah is questioned by her fianceé, Terez, as to when she think the two can get married. For Terez, time is of the essence, and she doesn’t want her engagement to Monifah last any longer than it has to. The couple agree to get married in a warm, sandy, beach locale that’s LGBT friendly.

2. Making music hits a snag. Wayne Williams encourages Syleena to sign with one of three music labels open to snatching her up — one including Wayne’s own collaborative operation with R&B music wonder R.Kelly. The problem? Syleena’s only got one completed song to hand over. Wayne basically tells Syleena that she’s gonna need to make something happen quickly — otherwise, the deals may come off the table.

3. Monifah drops the “L” word. At a marathon for Kile’s World, Usher ex-wife Tameka Raymond’s organization in honor of her deceased son, Monifah tells Syleena that she’s thinking about getting liposuction for her big day. Many of the ladies advise against it, but Mo decides that she’s going to do what she wants to with her body. After the run, Syleena pulls Mo to the side to ask her if she’s spoke to KeKe since the blow up at the engagement party. Mo says that she hasn’t talked to KeKe, who she thinks treated her like “some chick in the street.” When Syleena asks Monifah if she’d invite KeKe to the wedding, Mo is hesitant to answer.

4. What’s going on with KeKe? New girl LaTavia Roberson meets KeKe to get to know her better and understand why she and Monifah got into their argument at Monifah’s engagement party. KeKe becomes emotional discussing how much she feels “alone” as Monifah appears to be distancing herself — just when KeKe felt that she finally had a “sister” in her life. KeKe also reveals that she’s starting to have what sounds similar to panic attacks.

5. Syleena’s management takes a nose dive. Learning that she’s got limited time to get music together has put Leena in a tough spot, especially since her sister/manager, Syleecia, has been skimping on her duties for good reason. Seven months into her pregnancy, Syleecia learned that her baby’s heart stopped beating and had to go through 30 hours of labor to give birth to a stillborn. Having a heart-to-heart with his sister, Syleena says that she doesn’t want to be insensitive to Syleecia’s distraction, but they have to get back to work. Syleena then offers to give Syleecia any possible help she needs.

6. Meelah Williams is up for the solo challenge. Despite worrying about her son’s autism, Meelah is making her way back into the studio with the help of her baby daddy, Musiq SoulChild, to work on her solo career. Meelah feels the pressure of coming from successful ‘90s girl group 702, but is willing to make everyone look at her as a solo artist — with a fully re-branded look. As Meelah points out, the industry has become more cutthroat than ever, but she’s ready to hit the pavement running with her manager, Cory Taylor.

7. Monifah gives KeKe her truth. Monifah invites KeKe over to her house to discuss their spat at Monifah’s engagement party, and Mo is not having it. She tells KeKe that her behavior was unacceptable and gave her a new perception of her friend. Mo points out that KeKe didn’t even apologize for what she did. She goes on to tell KeKe that she doesn’t know if she should even invite KeKe to her wedding, because KeKe has a way of starting trouble and making everything about her.

8. Syleena sits KeKe down, too… In addition to LaTavia and Monifah giving KeKe a talking-to, Syleena has a chit-chat with KeKe to air out her grievances from the engagement party as well. Though KeKe thinks that she’s anything but an attention hog, Syleena insists that being the center of attention is something KeKe tries to do unintentionally, and that she should probably work on whatever underlying issues she has that makes her react and communicate the way she does.

9. Monifah tells Terez she wants cosmetic surgery. Trying to be coy, Monifah asks her fianceé, Terez, what she thinks about Monifah getting a little liposuction to help her look great on their wedding day. Terez is concerned about it, but ultimately agrees to it and supports Monifah’s decision.

10. Is something wrong with KeKe? After having three people sit her down to talk about her explosive behavior during the engagement party, KeKe sits down to talk with her brother, Keever Wyatt, to help her figure out what’s going on with her. Keever suggests that KeKe’s shift in personality could be the result of a pregnancy — something KeKe hopes is not the case.

Is KeKe expecting another baby? Guess we’ll have to tune in next week to find out!

What did you think of the latest episode of R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3? Sound off in the comments below!

05.1.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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