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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Resorting to All-Liquid Diet to Get in Wedding Shape?

Though Kim Kardashian apparently isn’t too stressed about her upcoming nuptials (we’re sure she has plenty of people dealing with the deets), she certainly does seem to be sweating one thing in particular: ensuring her body is wedding-ready. In fact, reports Kim is practically off food altogether in preparation for the big day.

“She’s drinking a lot of water and I think she’s doing one of those liquid diet things,” an insider says. “I don’t really see her eating much although she does cook.”

Sounds like she’s not enjoying much of the fruits of her labor, though! “For the most part she’s always got that water bottle with her — just drinking her water concoctions.”

Gee, that sounds... scrumptious. We guess if we were the most talked about bride ever we might resort to some extreme measures to make sure we look flawless on the big day. But, like, has anyone really ever looked great after a week-long juice cleanse? Sure, if “starving and cranky” is a good look on you, maybe.

Let’s just hope after the rice settles, Kim treats herself to a nice piece of cake. We’re sure she’s paying enough for it!