Credit: Taylor Halbur on Instagram    
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Teen Mom

Adam Lind’s Instagram Is Full of Pictures of Taylor Halbur! — Are They Back On?

Adam Lind and Taylor Halbur's relationship is an emotional rollercoaster full of promise rings, love children, makeups, break ups, and way too many tattoos — and we're dying to know their status as a couple!

Credit: Adam Lind on Instagram    

Teen Mom 2's most angst-ridden duo are totally the Ross and Rachel of Teen Mom 2 (you're welcome for that Friends reference), and we can barely keep up. In case you need a refresher, Taylor and Adam broke up over a month ago thanks to her reported partying (which she denies), kinda-sorta got back together, and then promptly denied that they had gotten back together.

In fact, Taylor took it to Twitter to slam rumors of a reunion, saying, "Just bc Adam and I are getting along, figuring out how to better our relationship for the sake of our child and parenting the way we should gives people the right to make things up and talk major crap.. um no."

Fair enough, but we'd like to call all y'alls attention to Adam's Instagram — which is basically a cornucopia of adorable pictures of himself snuggling with Taylor and their daughter Paislee. And boyfriend is definitely shirtless in almost all of them.

Oh, and he also implied that he and Taylor had had a sleepover with one particular post saying, "Woke up to this .... my girls." What. Is. Happening.

While it's almost impossible to keep track of whether or not Adam and Taylor are officially back on track, it seems pretty obvious that they're working on their relationship, and we assume that it's only a matter of time until they're once again official.

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