Credit: Chelsea Houska on Instagram    
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Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska Welcomes a New Member to Her Family — Who Is It? (PHOTO)

Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska already has her hands full with a fleet of extremely gassy french bulldogs (oh, and her daughter, Aubree), but girlfriend has officially welcomed a new member to her growing family of furry friends!

At this point you're probably wondering if Chelsea followed through with her dream to own a mini pig. Well, not yet — but she did purchase a Great Dane puppy, and he's basically the cutest thing that's ever happened to our Twitter feed.

Credit: Chelsea Houska on Twitter    

Everyone, please give a warm welcome to Phil, Chelsea's 13-week-old Great Dane who is white with black and grey spots. He's pretty much perfection, so feel free to bow down in his general direction.

Naturally, Chelsea loves her new pup already, and took to Twitter to give him a shout out. "Apparently, I like my life to be hectic," she tweeted. "We added one more (giant) furry baby to our family. Everyone, meet Phil."

Hi, Phil! We love this little dude already, and so does Aubree. Chelsea's darling daughter seems smitten by her furry brother, and Chels shared a photo of them bonding along with the caption, "Looks like these two are gonna be best buds."

Of course, Phil will also have to bond with Chelsea's other dogs, a Pug and French Bulldog named Darla and Frankie. They're going to be one big, happy family, guys!

Do you think Chelsea is slightly crazy for getting yet another pet (and such a huge one at that!)? Sound off in the comments!