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Star-Crossed Season Finale Trailer: Emery and Teri Team Up to Save Roman (VIDEO)

Star-Crossed's penultimate Season 1 episode left us in a really tense spot: Roman (Matt Lanter) is near death in Emery (Aimee Teegarden)'s shed after getting stabbed with a poison knife by his uncle Castor. Castor, meanwhile, is near death somewhere else after Teri stabs him with his own knife. After betraying the secrets of the Suvek to her son Drake (Greg Finley), Soroya (Louise Lombard) flees the Sector to seek safety and freedom in Eljida. Zoe (Dora Madison Burge) turns out to be alive, and kicks the crap out of Grayson (Gray Damon) before he can hand the Suvek over to a trusted authority. There's a whole lot of drama here, and we barely even touched on Taylor (Natalie Hall)'s half-Atrian pregnancy!

Fortunately, a trailer for Episode 13: "Passion Lends Them Power" gives us some idea about what's next. Roman's condition seems pretty critical, so Emery goes off to find cyper to heal him — and forms an uneasy alliance with Teri. Fake besties Taylor and Zoe reunite… and Taylor finds out what Zoe's real deal is (she's not a troubled human teenager, but a crazy Trag assassin in disguise!). A Mardi Gras parade is underway, and Julia (Malese Jow) and Eric (Jesse Luken) get closer. Taylor is either hiding or pinned under a truck.

Watch the trailer below, and read more spoiler-y thoughts after!

Spoiler content below!

Some of the cliffhangers presented in the trailer are semi-resolved in the finale spoiler photos from the CW — we know that Roman and Grayson are both fine, that Zoe gets her hands on the Iksen's Key (needed to activate the Suvek), and at least attempts to activate the Suvek on the roof. Roman also gets his hands on the key at one point, possibly saving the day.

We can put a lot together from seeing the trailer and the preview photos together — but some questions are still unanswered. Is the Suvek activated? Is Emery okay? Has Teri left the Trags and her mother's influence? Will Roman and Emery finally do it?! Let us know your season finale theories below!

Star-Crossed's season finale airs Monday, May 12 at 8 p.m. on the CW.

05.6.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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