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The Vampire Diaries

Who Dies on The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Finale?

Word on the street is three characters are dying for good on the Season 5 finale of The Vampire Diaries. That’s quite the permanent culling for a show whose characters generally perceive death as an inconvenience rather than an irreversible tragedy. But the collapse of the Other Side is changing that, and three characters will find that out the hard way. Who dies in Season 5, Episode 22 (“Home”)? We’ve ranked the characters’ chance of death-ability from least to most likely.

10. Elena. Elena may be one of two doppelganger-shaped targets, but we highly doubt she’ll die. Not only because she is the crux of the love triangle, but because it is so Season 3 finale material (when she died and transitioned into a vampire). Besides, we don’t think TVD would consider killing Elena off for good — at least not until the series finale.

9. Caroline. There would be rioting in the streets. Caroline remains one of the most compelling characters on this show. She also happens to be one half of Klaroline, aka the TVD/The Originals crossover ship that has a passionate and loyal fanbase despite its romantic pairing currently existing on two different shows.

8. Jeremy. Jeremy’s death has been done before. Like, multiple times. Season finales tend to go for shocking and sorry, Jer, but your death just isn’t so surprising anymore. Besides, there’s no way TVD could ever top the feels surrounding your last death.

7. Matt. We never rule out the possibility of Matt dying — as a non-supernatural, he is the most vulnerable on the show — but we doubt TVD would do that to us. This character death would be the equivalent of knocking the scoop of ice cream off of someone’s cone just to watch their face fall. Sad.

6. Stefan. We’ve actually had our suspicions that Stefan might die for a while now. The season finale synopsis speaks of “an unexpected tragedy” Damon is trying to deal with and, from the looks of the promo for this week’s episode, Liv and Luke are planning on killing either Stefan or Elena. Do they actually kill Stefan? This result seems highly improbable if you truly believe this deaths are irreversible, but if TVD fibbing about the “permanent” descriptor, then Stefan could be one of the unlucky characters to bite the dust.

5. Damon. Ditto on Damon who is set to strap on his “hero hair” in the Season 5 finale. We’re thinking sacrifice for the town, Elena, and all of his loved ones in the form of his own death might be in the cards for this fallen-from-grace vampire. Though, if this does go down, we highly doubt it would be permanent. No one throws the Smolder off their show. (Well, except Lost.)

4. Liv. Can both of the wonder twins really survive the season? Probably not. Maybe even both of them will die in their quest to stop the Travelers at any and all costs.

3. Sheriff Forbes. Has anyone noticed that Liz has been popping up more than usual in recent episodes? We’re not complaining or anything, but it’s exactly the kind of move a show pulls just before they’re planning to kill off a long-neglected character. And Sheriff Forbes is in the season finale.

2. Luke. The other wonder twin! Liv has slightly better odds of survival in our book, given that we know her a little bit better, but we have been spending a lot of time with Luke, too. The witch almost died in the last episode, will he die for-real in the season ender?

1. Bonnie. It’s going to take a freaking miracle to save Bon Bon from what is arguably her suspended fate. She seemingly dodged death earlier in the season, but we’re beginning to think that wasn’t so much a dodge as a prolonging of the inevitable.

Who do you think will die in the Season 5 finale? Share your theories in the comments below!

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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